Car hood dampers

Clean hands with any weather

Why to use hood dampers?

Pneumatic car hood dampers are meant for fluent independent opening and fixing of the car hood. It helps you every time you need to open the hood. Pneumatic car hood dampers are installed by manufacturers on all premium class vehicles

Quality is important

All products are covered with zinc and powder paint which guarantees good looks and longer life. We use only quality tested gas-oil springs from leading manufacturers which ensures the best quality with every weather

3 steps of installation

Installation of hood dampers takes less than 15 minutes and it does not need any special skills or knowledge

Step nr 1

Installation of lower bracket

Hood dampers are installed according to manual and there is no need for extra holes. Bracket is installed to vehicle's body. The lower bracket is installed to more stiff part of the vehicle under the hood in order to avoid any deformation during opening process of the hood. For the installation you will need a wrench

Step nr 2

Installation of upper bracket

Upper bracket is installed to the hood. The location for installing the upper bracket depends on every car make and model, that is why each hood damper is unique and suitable for a certain car model. For the installation you will need a wrench

Step nr 3

Installing hood dampers

Pivot joints are fixed to the brackets. Springs are mounted onto joints. Before first use you should "pump" the spings. Push on a gas spring and you force the piston rod and piston into the cylinder and this compresses the gas. Stop pressing and let go and the pressure of the gas pushes the piston back out again. Repeat for several times. During the "pumping" be careful as spring can slip out and injur. After installing the brackets and springs, check if no instrument is left in the hood area. Slightly lower the hood and check if nothing prevent the hood from fluent closing

Our advantages

Easy to install

Fast to install


No need of drilling extra holes

Keeping manufacturer's warranty

Keeping manufacturer's clearances

Strong wind can open car hood if no car dampers are installed

There is no heigth limit for opened hood, which can lead to an unlimited opening during strong wind and brake a glass shield

Car hood opening speed and height is restricted by hood dampers

Using pneumatic car hood dampers will save from independant hood openings during driving with stong winds. Dampers are always limiting the speed of hood opening/closing which gives time to react in critical situations and saves from hitting the windshield as there is fixed height limit for open hood

Danger of falling car hood with strong wind

Without pneumatic hood dampers there is always a chance that opened hood can crash and cause injuries

No falling car hoods when using hood dampers

Hood crashing is totally excluded when using pneumatic hood dampers. No need to worry about dampers not operating and hood crashing as you will notice in long term how dampers start not to fulfill their job 100% when gas springs get more and more „tired“. Every our pneumatic hood damper comes with a 2-year warranty.

Hood dampers for your car?

Car hood dampers are available almost for every car make and model
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