Lada Granta_2 2011-

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Pneumatic car hood dampers are meant for fluent independent opening and fixing of the car hood. It helps you every time you need to open the hood. Pneumohydraulic/gas hood dampers are designed to functionally replace standard ‘hood struts’, thus improving consumer properties of the vehicle in terms of quality.
All you need to do is to slightly open the hood with one hand, and our damper will further raise it (standard strut is not used but remains operational in its place). Brackets and dampers are mounted in their standard positions (i.e. where fastening and threaded service connections or service openings are already made).
You  do not need to further adapt mounting points! Two wrenches and 10-15 minutes of your free time is all that is required. The appearance and color of brackets fit harmoniously into the interior and exterior of the vehicle.When installed, brackets and dampers do not stand out in the underhood space and look like standard mechanisms. Factory clearances of body parts remain unchanged. All components and mechanisms located in the underhood space are always exposed to corrosive environments – heat loads, salt mist, humidity, etc. This is why we pay special attention to the corrosion resistance of our items.
All products are covered with zinc and powder paint which guarantees good looks and longer life. We use only quality tested gas-oil springs from leading manufacturers which ensures the best quality with every weather.
The hood can be opened with one hand! Less effort to raise the hood in any weather conditions! No more stained clothes and dirty hands! The hood rise height remains comfortable and as provided for by the car manufacturer! The underhood space is easily accessible!

Code: LD-GR00-02

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    Lada Granta_2 2011-